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My personal nixos overlay (vim, ...)

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My xmonad config

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Solutions to the

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Generate a podcast.xml file according to the contents of the shows folder

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Project beedza was developped during the french Complex System Summer School happening at Le Havre, France from the 8th of july to the 18th of july.

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Shows what header you sent when requesting the server.

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Base Docker image which includes minimal shared libraries for GHC-compiled executables

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Functionnal Programming Kata Series 2018

最終更新 1年前

Using freeotp with Okta

最終更新 1年前

Nix configuration for era

最終更新 1年前

Voici le code source de mon manuscrit de thèse de doctorat, avec les corrections

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Voici le code source de la présentation de ma soutenance de thèse, donnée le 6 juillet 2017 à 10h.

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Lan party machine and network definition with nixops

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Here is where I store my Lilypond arrangements.

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