Using freeotp with Okta
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Using freeotp with OKTA

FreeOTP application

FreeOTP can apparently be used with OKTA, even if Google Authenticator 2FA method has not been added by your admin. It requires a little dance though.

  1. Replace by your okta account email.
  2. Replace 18c5…927 by whatever you want (most likely a useful comment)
  3. Secret is the one you get from OKTA when:
  4. You pretend you have downloaded the Okta Verify application
  5. Click on “I cannot see/use the barcode”
  6. Key is the third option, under manually enter the key.
  7. Leave the rest by default.
  8. Generate an OTP on FreeOTP and use this 6-digit number as confirmation that you indeed have activated Okta Verify

After it accepts it, you should be good to go.

Okta may try to force you to use one more step to verify some email it sends you and that Okta Verify app should read. You should be able to avoid that step by clicking on verify later.

Let's see how long this works…