This repository packages for Nix.
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GINsim package for Nix

This repository packages GINsim for Nix.

Raison d'être

GINsim is extremely simple to install and run: just download the JAR file from their Download page and run it using java -jar. I wanted to get Nix to do it for me. I also didn't want to add a package to my local checkout of Nixpkgs.

The main goal of this repository is to simply show how to do all of this. It is first of all a Nix exercise, which allowed me to better understand Nix (I've been using it for >4 years as of 2020, but I still consider myself a beginner). It may be useful for people using GINsim as well.

The Nix files in this repository contain more comments than code in the hope to be useful to other people and to older me.


To get GINsim, run the command nix-build ginsim.nix. This will create the symlink result in the current directory pointing to the output directory of this derivation. You can run result/bin/GINsim.

Alternatively, you can run nix-shell (or nix-shell shell.nix) to get a Nix shell in which you can run GINsim directly using the command GINsim.


I relied extensively on Nix pills and on the Nixpkgs manual when writing this code.

A very helpful Nix and NixOS community can be found on the NixOS Discourse.