A Nix derivation to easily install the packages I publish.
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My Nix Packages

This Nix derivation provides an attribute set with each package referenced by its name to easily install the packages I publish.

Quick try

To quickly try a package ${PACKAGE_NAME} from the latest version of this repository, you can issue on the command line :

nix-env -f 'https://git.marvid.fr/Tissevert/mynixpkgs/archive/main.tar.gz' -i ${PACKAGE_NAME}

It's easy to pin a precise version by replacing main by the tag your interested in like so :

nix-env -f 'https://git.marvid.fr/Tissevert/mynixpkgs/archive/0.1.2.tar.gz' -i ${PACKAGE_NAME}

Declarative setup

To use this repository declaratively from within a nix expression (say, in your /etc/nixos/configuration.nix) instead of from the command line, you can include the following snippet :

  tissevertpkgs = import (
    fetchTarball https://git.marvid.fr/Tissevert/mynixpkgs/archive/main.tar.gz
  ) {};

Then, anywhere where you select packages, for instance in environment.systemPackages or in your users.users.<name>.packages, my packages are available within the attribute set tissevertpkgs like this for instance :

packages = [ tissevertpkgs.SJW ]

Current package selection