The guix channel for my packages.
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The loom

Here is a channel for my guix packages. Everything is free software and candidate for an eventual release in the official channel but this repository is meant as a convenient upstream for fast publication (and hence can not be expected to be as stable as the official channel).

How to use

The proper way

The following snippet declares this channel for guix (mind the branch field):

 (name 'loom)
 (url "")
 (branch "main"))

Following the official instructions, add it to your channels.scm (which should be located at ~/.config/guix/channels.scm, create it if it doesn't exist). If this is your first additional channel, your new channels.scm should look like this:

(cons* (channel
        (name 'loom)
        (url "")
        (branch "main"))

Then just guix pull and my packages should pop up in a search.


If you just want to try a package without modifying your local guix configuration, just download this repository and use the --load-path (short -L) option with the path to your local copy as argument. For instance, from within the copy, this should return results:

$ guix search -L . sjw