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Racket yet.
Contributions, comments, bug reports, etc. are very welcome!
## Submitting patches
Start by checking out this repository:
git clone
cd typed-graph
Start a new branch `my-contribution` for you contribution:
git checkout -b my-contribution
Hack hack hack, do a couple commits, maybe take a look at a list of
the commits your branch `my-contribution` contains:
git log --pretty=oneline
Now create one patch file for every commit added to branch
`my-contribution`, which is new with respect to `master`:
git format-patch master
This should produce one patch file for commit,
e.g. `0001-Commit-1.patch`, `0002-Commit-2.patch`, etc. Send all of
these files to me to `scolobb` at ``, or to any other address
you think you can contact me at. I will give you feedback and we will
work together towards getting your changes in, which is a fancy way of
saying that I will probably take in your changes without too much
hassle if they follow some very basic style guidelines. Speaking of
## Style guidelines
When submitting changes, try to make them as similar as possible in
style to the existing code, which approximately follows the style used
across the Racket code base. If you use Emacs with Racket Mode or
DrRacket, you should be fine with default settings.