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My personal nixos overlay (vim, ...)

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My xmonad config

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Solutions to the

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Generate a podcast.xml file according to the contents of the shows folder

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Project beedza was developped during the french Complex System Summer School happening at Le Havre, France from the 8th of july to the 18th of july.

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Shows what header you sent when requesting the server.

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Base Docker image which includes minimal shared libraries for GHC-compiled executables

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Functionnal Programming Kata Series 2018

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Using freeotp with Okta

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Nix configuration for era

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Voici le code source de mon manuscrit de thèse de doctorat, avec les corrections

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Voici le code source de la présentation de ma soutenance de thèse, donnée le 6 juillet 2017 à 10h.

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Lan party machine and network definition with nixops

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Here is where I store my Lilypond arrangements.

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