A web application to render and edit ALTO files.
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<!doctype HTML>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<script src="main.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css"/>
<div id="toolbar">
<div id="menubar">
<div id="file" class="menu">
<li id="loadALTO">Charger des fichiers ALTO</li>
<li id="saveALTO" class="disabled">Exporter la page courante modifiée</li>
<li id="loadScoria" class="disabled">Importer des scories</li>
<li id="saveScoria" class="disabled">Exporter les scories</li>
</div><div id="edit" class="menu">
<li id="editCancel" class="disabled">Annuler</li>
<li id="editRedo" class="disabled">Refaire</li>
</div><div id="help" class="menu">
<li id="documentation">
<a href="https://git.marvid.fr/Tissevert/chaoui/wiki" target="_blank">Documentation</a>
<li id="reposLink">
<a href="https://git.marvid.fr/Tissevert/chaoui" target="_blank">À propos de ce logiciel</a>
<label for="fileNumber">#</label><input id="fileNumber" type="number" name="fileNumber" min="0" max="0" step="1" value="0"/>
<span id="fileName"></span>
<label for="wcThreshold">Seuil de qualité</label><input id="wcThreshold" name="wcThreshold" type="number" min="0" max="1" step="0.01" value="0.25"/>
<select id="mode">
<option value="display" selected>Affichage seulement</option>
<option value="edit">Édition des scories</option>
<option value="blockOrder">Ordre des blocs</option>
<button id="cancel" title="Annuler" disabled></button>
<button id="redo" title="Refaire" disabled></button>
<span id="zoom">
<button id="fitWidth" title="Pleine largeur" ></button>
<input type="number" id="zoomAmount" value="100" step="10" min="30" max="250" title="Zoom"/>
<button id="fitHeight" title="Pleine hauteur" ></button>
<div id="workzone">
<div id="page"></div>
<div id="selector"></div>
<div id="windowCatchAll"></div>