29 Commits (main)

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  Tissevert 6fce85c4cc Add support for <Illustration/> elements in XML-ALTO rendering vor 6 Monaten
  Tissevert 303c4dcf19 Implement cancel / redo operations vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert 82e6296071 Fix mistake in DOM id for the documentation and add the same catching mechanism as for reposLink on the parent li vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert ad3321fc5b Fix zooming bugs (changing with the selector puts zoom back to its initial value; fitting to Width doesn't change the zoom ratio estimate) vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert 0c07e74293 Initially disable load/save scoria functions to guide the user to a less surprising path vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert c0d658fbf0 Forgot to commit the new GUI.Keys module vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert fe30409baf Add a module to handle keyboard shortcuts and add zooming shortcuts vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert 3d4be63ade Add a mode to display block order vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert 8202962758 Add a link to the documentation in the README and in the help menu vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert be806cee91 Fix page positioning preventing heavy zooming from truncating the left of it vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert 29b886d9d5 Add a README vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert 1b32c850fa Improve rectangle selection vor 7 Monaten
  Tissevert 213ac16ba4 Simplify ALTO display code and harden the whole thing a bit against negative dimensions found in some pages in T2 vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 4991d77fe6 Implement zoom vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 068e0d4674 Make sure the whole <li> in the help menu catches clicks and redirect them to the link it contains vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert a45d004b4c Add a help menu vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert f9adb7d816 Use select instead of checkbox for modes vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert fbc64dc0d8 Implement a file menu and group the file operations there vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 1a65637f53 Implement rectangular selection vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 45ccbc0374 Refactor code to avoid the huge unmaintainable GUI clutter in Main vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 8a95575103 Use sjw's '-o' option to avoid the need to redirect stdout vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 7d8d1ec557 Implement deletions export to CSV file vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert c3ba3e2853 Edit multiple files at once vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert c8a1b6b96e Implement manual word curation vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert ae3ba9e32b Implement low quality highlighting vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 38fd1ca023 Fix recursive discovery of JS files vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert dac5a8be44 Add a Makefile to ease app generation vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 356468c5f6 Implement element positioning by converting ALTO's native PrintSpace-relative positioning to CSS-implementable parent-relative positioning vor 8 Monaten
  Tissevert 3ed43d7ee2 First draft loading document and rendering the text sequentially vor 8 Monaten