A web application to render and edit ALTO files.
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Chaoui is a web application designed to render ALTO files and to edit them with a simple graphical interface. Its usage is documented in the wiki.


It is a full client-side application. It doesn't need any server backend and can be deployed anywhere that's able to serve static files. You only need to assemble the sources contained in this repository once and then the site can be deployed wherever you want by means of a rsync, a FTP file transfer or any other protocol of your choice.



Chaoui is written as a modular SJW application so that tool is needed to «compile» the Javascript code into the single main.js file. Make sure you have it installed and sjw is found in your $PATH.

$ sjw --help


The Javascript code makes use of the UnitJS library so you need it installed as a SJW package. Make sure it is installed where sjw can find it, for example :

$ ls ~/.sjw | grep unitJS

Note that SJW «compiles» all the required Javascript code into the output file so the library UnitJS is only needed on the machine where you assemble chaoui, not on the server. This behaviour is analogous to static linking in the world of binary executables.


Assembling the application requires a call to sjw and packing the CSS code with cat. Both operations are implemented by the Makefile in this repository so having the make tool installed is recommended though optional. The content of the Makefile documents the two lines you need to type (a call to sjw and a call to cat) if you can't or don't want to use make.

Assembling the application

Assuming you have all the dependencies above installed on your system, just open a shell at the root of this repository and type :

$ make

This will generate two files, main.js and style.css, at the root of the repository.

$ ls
css	index.html  js	main.js  Makefile  README.md  style.css


Just copy index.html, main.js and style.css wherever you want your web server to find them. For example assuming you have a SSH access to yourhost.net and you want to deploy chaoui to the path web/chaoui on thas host you could type something like :

$ rsync -aHP index.html main.js style.css yourhost.net:web/chaoui/

Note that if you just need to use chaoui yourself and don't need to make it available to a team, you can also simply assemble it on your host and then open index.html in your web browser.