The guix configuration for our home.
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(use-modules (gnu)
((gnu packages anthy) #:select (anthy))
((gnu packages certs) #:select (nss-certs))
((gnu packages gnome) #:select (gvfs))
((gnu packages file-systems) #:select (davfs2))
((gnu packages ibus) #:select (ibus ibus-anthy))
((gnu packages wm) #:select (i3-wm))
((gnu services desktop) #:select (xfce-desktop-service-type %desktop-services))
((gnu services xorg) #:select (set-xorg-configuration xorg-configuration))
(gnu system))
(use-modules (nongnu packages linux)
(nongnu system linux-initrd))
(define %utils
(list anthy davfs2 gvfs i3-wm ibus ibus-anthy nss-certs))
(define (my-services keyboard-layout)
(service xfce-desktop-service-type)
(xorg-configuration (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout))))
(modify-services %desktop-services
(guix-service-type config =>
(inherit config)
(cons* ""
(cons* (local-file "./")
(locale "fr_FR.utf8")
(timezone "Europe/Paris")
(keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "fr" "bepo" #:options '("ctrl:swapcaps")))
(host-name "rose")
(users (cons* (user-account
(name "kook")
(comment "Grou-grou")
(group "users")
(home-directory "/home")
'("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video" "kvm")))
(services (my-services keyboard-layout))
(kernel linux)
(initrd microcode-initrd)
(firmware (list linux-firmware))
(bootloader grub-efi-bootloader)
(targets '("/boot/efi"))
(keyboard-layout keyboard-layout)))
(list (mapped-device
(source (uuid "c896e07f-d2ed-4390-8ce0-b82080d1bdc2"))
(target "HOME")
(type luks-device-mapping))))
(cons* (file-system
(mount-point "/")
(device (uuid "60c115b5-08f2-435b-95e5-d3b81ffba4f4" 'ext4))
(type "ext4"))
(mount-point "/home")
(device (uuid "73dc31f8-844d-4a87-bf54-4fb86a49469c" 'ext4))
(type "ext4")
(dependencies mapped-devices))
(mount-point "/boot/efi")
(device (uuid "545B-970F" 'fat32))
(type "vfat"))
(mount-point "/tmp")
(device "tmpfs")
(type "tmpfs")
(check? #f)
(options "size=50%"))