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(use-modules (guix build-system copy)
(guix gexp)
(guix git-download)
(guix licenses)
(guix packages))
(let ((%source-dir (dirname (current-filename))))
(name "sjw-unitJS")
(version "devel")
(source (local-file %source-dir
#:recursive? #t
#:select? (git-predicate %source-dir)))
(build-system copy-build-system)
'(#:install-plan '(("src" "lib/SJW/unitJS"))))
(home-page "https://git.marvid.fr/Tissevert/UnitJS")
(synopsis "The Simple Javascript Wrench.")
"A collection of JS modules to write simple web applications. It covers
the basics, providing asynchronous operations without any need for
promises-support from the browser as well as primitives to create DOM
elements and basic functional-programming tooling.")
(license gpl3+)))