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import csv
import json
def build_db(inputCSV, outputJSON):
db = []
with open(inputCSV, 'r') as file:
csv_reader = csv.reader(file, delimiter=',')
data = False
for row in csv_reader:
if data:
db.append(row + (index(row[1]),))
data = True
with open(outputJSON, 'w') as file:
json.dump(serialize(db), file)
return db
def serialize(db):
return list(map(lambda row: (row[0], row[1], list(row[2])), db))
def unserialize(db):
return list(map(lambda row: (row[0], row[1], set(row[2])), db))
def open_db(filePath):
with open(filePath, 'r') as file:
return unserialize(json.load(file))
def scalar(a, b):
return len(a.intersection(b))
def find_best_quote(db, indexed_input)
max_score = None
for entry in db:
def index(text):
words = map(lambda w: ''.join([c for c in w if c.isalpha()]), text.split(' '))
important_words = set([w for w in words if len(w) > WORD_THRESHOLD])
return important_words